February 2018
No school, no community and no city is immune to the horror of gun violence. Every day we fail to enact common-sense gun reforms in Illinois is another day children and families have to live in fear. Illinois lawmakers are set to vote next week on legislation that would require gun dealers to follow simple...
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The Gun Dealer Licensing Act gives Illinois the ability to encourage better business practices among gun dealers and hold corrupt dealers accountable. It will help curb a major source of illegally trafficked firearms from entering our communities. DOWNLOAD THE FACT SHEET PDF
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Here lie 17 teens at the Capitol representing the 17 victims shot and killed in Parkland Florida. They lay there for 3 minutes. Why? Because that was how long it took the shooter to buy his gun. No state and no community are immune to the horrors of gun violence. All of us who fight...
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This past week has been filled with tragedies due to gun violence. We lost Chicago Police Commander Paul Bauer, shot and killed by a felon with a gun with an extended magazine clip at the Thompson Center. Yesterday, we witnessed yet another school shooting where 17 individuals were killed in Florida. Sadly, that shooting occurred...
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    The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
    to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.