This is where we are in America today. Let’s Change it.

Did you catch the 60 Minutes segment last night on what makes the semi-automatic AR-15 the weapon of choice for mass shooters? AR-15 ammunition travels up to three times the speed of sound. “The bones aren’t going to just break, they’re going to shatter. Organs aren’t just going to tear or have bruises on them, they … are going to be destroyed.”

Variations of the AR-15 were used to kill at a Texas church, a Las Vegas concert, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, Sandy Hook Elementary School and last week a Pittsburgh synagogue.

Dr. Peter Antevy, a first responder at the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting where 17 children were murdered, said that since the Sandy Hook massacre there has been a national campaign to equip all rescue units with Active Killer Kits used on battlefields in war zones, because these weapons of war are being used in our neighborhoods here at home.

Peter Antevy: The day after the shooting, my kids, they’re waking up, and they’re “time to go to school.” And, my son heard kind of heard what happened the night before, when I was on the scene, and he looked at me with the fear of God that he had to go to school that day. My first instinct was, “He needs a bleeding kit.” My son today has a bleeding kit on his person.

Scott Pelley: How old is he?

Peter Antevy: 12 years old. Here it is. This is it. We, we, I’ve given him this and I’ve taught him how to use it.

Scott Pelley: You believe that these mass casualty events have become so common –

Peter Antevy: Absolutely.

Scott Pelley: – that it is important for everyone in this country to be prepared.

Peter Antevy: Everyone.

Scott Pelley: That’s where we are in America today?

Peter Antevy: That’s where we are.

I hope you find this as disturbing and shocking as I do. So much so, that if you haven’t voted yet, or were thinking of not voting, you get out and vote, it does matter. Share this list of candidates committed to keeping our children, families and communities free from to gun violence with your friends, families, peers and colleagues. Honor all gun violence victims and survivors with a vote.

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For Governor:

JB Pritzker

For Illinois Attorney General:

Sen. Kwame Raoul

For the Illinois Senate:

Hon. Omar Aquino, 2nd district

Hon. Mattie Hunter, 3rd district

Ram Villivalam, candidate, 8th district

Hon. Laura Fine, candidate, 9th district

Hon. Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 17 district

Hon. Iris Martinez, 20th district

Hon. Chris Nybo, 24th district

Tom Georges, candidate, 26th district

Hon. Tom Rooney, 27th district

Hon. Julie Morrison, 29th district

Hon. Terry Link, 30th district

Mary Mahady, candidate, 32nd district

Nancy Zettler, candidate, 33rd district

Heidi Henry, candidate, 38th district

Hon. Don Harmon, 39th district

Hon. John Curran, 41st district

David Simpson, candidate, 45th district

Christopher Belt, candidate, 57th district

For the Illinois House:

Aaron Ortiz, candidate, 1st district

Hon. Theresa Mah, 2nd district

Hon. Luis Arroyo, 3rd district

Delia Ramirez, candidate, 4th district

Lamont Robinson Jr., candidate, 5th district

Hon. Sonya Harper, 6th district

Hon. Melissa Conyears-Ervin, 10th district

Hon. Ann Williams, 11th district

Hon. Sara Feingenholtz, 12th district

Hon. Gregory Harris, 13th district

Hon. Kelly Cassidy, 14th district

Hon. John D’Amico, 15th district

Hon. Lou Lang, 16th district

Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, candidate, 17th district

Hon. Robyn Gabel, 18th district

Hon. Robert Martwick, 19th district

Hon. Celina Villanueva, 21st district

Hon. Lisa Hernandez, 24th district

Hon. Justin Slaughter, 27th district

Hon. Thaddeus Jones, 29th district

Hon. Mary Flowers, 31st district

Hon. Frances Ann Hurley, 35th district

Val Montgomery, candidate, 41st district

Kathleen Carrier, candidate, 42nd district

Hon. Anna Moeller, 43rd district

Hon. Fred Crespo, 44th district

Hon. Deb Conroy, 46th district

Hon. Peter Breen, 48th district

Karina Villa, candidate, 49th district

Mary Edly-Allen, candidate, 51st district

Mark Walker, candidate, 53rd district

Maggie Trevor, candidate, 54th district

Hon. Marty Moylan, 55th district

Hon. Michelle Mussman, 56th district

Hon. Jonathon Carroll, 57th district

Bob Morgan, candidate, 58th district

Daniel Didech, candidate, 59th district

Joyce Mason, candidate, 61st district

Hon. Sam Yingling, 62nd district

Trisha Zubert, candidate, 64th district

Richard Johnson, candidate, 65th district

Maurice West, candidate, 67th district

Jake Castanza, candidate, 68th district

Angelique Bodine, candidate, 69th district

Paul Stoddard, candidate, 70th district

Hon. Kathleen Willis, 77th district

Hon. Camille Lily, 78th district

Hon. Linda Chapa LaVia, 83rd district

Hon. John Connor, 85th district

Amy Davis, candidate, 90th district

Mica Freeman, candidate, 97th district

Hon. Natalie Manley, 98th district

Marc Bell, candidate, 99th district

Jennifer McMillin, candidate, 101st district

Hon. Carol Ammons, 103rd district

Shirley Bell, candidate, 110th district

Hon. LaToya Greenwood, 114th district

Our children are counting on us. #OurOneJob is to keep them safe. Elections have consequences, let’s make them good ones.

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