8 vs. 534 – ACT NOW!

8 vs. 534

Call to Action:

Fill Out a Witness Slip Supporting Gun Safety

Standing up to the NRA and the legislators who do their bidding in Springfield

The 99th General Assembly session has started and bills aimed at loosening our current gun safety measures are being filed at an alarming pace.

We need to do more to show support for gun violence prevention initiatives. When bills are heard in committee there are only a handful of gun violence prevention voices and hundreds of pro-gun supporters who file witness slips in committees in the General Assembly.

Please take a moment and fill out a witness slip in support of House Bill 148 introduced by State Rep. Rita Mayfield (D-60).  You would be filling it out as a “Proponent”.  Currently, the count is 8 proponents and 534 opponents. Witness slips are read into the official record and can influence some members in deciding how to vote on the legislation. 

The bill would suspend a person’s Firearm Owner identification Card (FOID card) for 5 years after the 3rd conviction for failing to report a lost or stolen firearm within 72 hours of discovering the weapon was lost or stolen. Subsequent violations (4 or more) would be a class 4 felony. The full text of the bill is here.

Reporting of lost and stolen guns slows down one avenue for guns to enter the illegal market. When someone repeatedly fails to follow the law requiring reporting, the chances increase that these guns are entering the illegal market.

Please take a minute to fill out the witness slip by clicking here.

I strongly encourage you to add your voice in support of this common sense gun violence prevention measure.

We can do this – we can take a page out of their playbook and we can beat those numbers. Post this in all of your networks.  When you are done, spread the word by sharing it here on our facebook  and twitter.

Lives depend on it.

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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.