A Vote For Deb Conroy is a Vote For Public Safety

Re-elect State Representative Deborah Conroy, 46th District

Deb Conroy is a volunteer, mother, and community leader recently elected State Representative of the 46th District. As a mother of four boys, Conroy has been very active in her children’s schools. She worked hard to ensure accessible public education for all local students, forming the not-for-profit York Student Enrichment Team to help pay school fees for families experiencing financial difficulties.

Conroy took this spirit of service to the Capitol to bring common-sense solutions to some of the state’s most complicated problems. She voted 70 times against state budget bills that relied on extending the state income tax increase, putting hardworking families above the demands of Springfield politicians.

Conroy knows there’s a lot more work to do to get Illinois back on the right track, and she’s just getting started. She has served her district well by fighting for common sense gun legislation. In addition to scoring 100% on the G-PAC Candidate Questionnaire, she introduced legislation that would increase penalties for carrying guns into schools, supported the ban on semi-automatic, military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, supported banning concealed carrying in establishments that serve alcohol and places of worship,  and will fight to end illegal gun trafficking by licensing gun dealers.


Volunteer for Deb on Election day. Sign up here.

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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.