Announcing the 2021 Gun Safety Report Card

Today we launched a critical new tool in our fight to end gun violence, the 2021 Gun Safety Scorecard. For the first time, we have assembled a report card designed to show the constituent (you) how your legislators voted on life-saving public safety measures. The Gun Safety Report Card is the culmination of the work of survivors and supporters like you who have advocated tirelessly for measures that will keep children, families, and communities safe from gun violence.

Over the last two years, Illinois’ epidemic of gun violence fueled by illegal guns has escalated and our public safety has paid the price. That is why this session we worked with legislators of both parties in Springfield to pass the Block Illegal Gun Ownership (BIO) and Fix the FOID Bill to address the sources of guns that are destroying communities. Included in this landmark legislation are: 

  • True universal background checks on every gun sold in Illinois;
  • Empowering the Illinois State Police to remove guns from a person who has had their FOID card but remains armed; and
  • Invests nine million dollars in community-based mental health programming for the communities most impacted by gun violence. 

The BIO bill and the other legislation on the Gun Safety Report card are vital to achieving an Illinois where children, families and communities can live without the fear of gun violence. As we move into an election year where every seat is on the ballot, we want you to know who is fighting for a safer Illinois and who is voting with the corporate gun lobby. 

Click here to read the Gun Safety Report Card. 

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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.