Candidate Questionnaire 2020

Please fill out our questionnaire below or download the questionnaire here to complete offline.

    G-PAC and Giffords take a comprehensive approach in considering a candidate for endorsement. This questionnaire is an important part of that process and provides an opportunity for us to learn about a candidate’s views on a variety of topics related to gun violence prevention. Candidates who are not in alignment with G-PAC and Giffords on every question will still be considered for an endorsement. We will not publish answers to this questionnaire. Completed questionnaires should be signed, dated, and submitted via e-mail to Kathleen Sances at

    To comply with federal coordination restrictions, please do not submit any non-public information about your campaign’s plans, projects, activities, or needs, or any other information other than the response to this questionnaire.


    In February 2019, the shooting at the Henry Pratt Company in Aurora highlighted gaps in our laws that allowed a dangerous person who was prohibited from owning firearms to carry out that deadly shooting. Do you support legislation that would strengthen the Firearm Owner's Identification card (FOID), including provisions to require applicants to undergo a fingerprint-based background check for applicants, which would better ensure that prohibited people like convicted domestic abusers are not able to purchase firearms?

    2.Do you support legislation that would require a point-of-sale background check for all gun sales, including those by an unlicensed seller?

    3.Interpersonal gun violence in Illinois is most intensely concentrated in underserved city neighborhoods where entrenched cycles of violence, injury, trauma, and retaliation have devastating effects. Will you support legislation to substantially increase state funding for evidence-based violence intervention programs and to ensure that this funding is directed to the most effective programs in communities most impacted by violence?

    4.Recent technology has made it easy for any person - including criminals, terrorists, and other prohibited purchasers - to assemble a firearm at home. Self-assembled firearms can be built from kits or 3D printed and are referred to as ghost guns because they do not come with a serial number and are therefore untraceable. These often cannot be detected by metal detectors. Do you support legislation that prohibits the production of these unserialized firearms?

    5.Large capacity ammunition magazines are a common thread in many high-profile mass shootings in the United States. Because shooters with such magazines can fire at large numbers of people without having to pause to reload, those in the line of fire do not have a chance to escape, law enforcement does not have the chance to intervene, and the number of lives shattered by senseless acts of gun violence increases dramatically. Seven states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws banning magazines with more than 10 rounds, and two others have enacted laws banning magazines with more than 15 rounds. Would you support similar legislation in Illinois?

    6.In recent years, Americans have witnessed some of the deadliest mass shootings in modern US history. While handguns are the most commonly used weapon in single-victim homicides, nearly all of our nation’s deadliest mass shooting attacks have been carried out with assault weapons, a class of semi-automatic firearms based on high-power military designs that are designed to allow a shooter to rapidly and continuously fire at large numbers of targets while retaining control of the gun. Seven states have enacted laws restricting the sale, transfer, manufacture, or possession of assault-style rifles, handguns, pistols and similar weapons. Would you support placing restrictions on these weapons in Illinois, such as legislation that would ban the sale and transfer of semi-automatic assault rifles?

    7.Are you a supporter of the Second Amendment?

    8.Has gun violence ever affected your life personally?

    9.Please describe any actions you might have taken over your career to bring attention to gun violence prevention.

    The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
    to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.