G-PAC and Giffords PAC Celebrate 88 Victories in General Election

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

G-PAC and Giffords PAC Celebrate 88 Victories in General Election

Endorsed Candidates Win Hotly-Contested Supreme Court Races, Build Supermajority in Illinois House


Chicago — The Gun Violence Prevention PAC Illinois (G-PAC), the state’s leading political force in ending gun violence, and Giffords PAC are proud to announce the victories of 88 gun-safety candidates in races in Tuesday’s general election. Chief among them are victories in both contested Illinois Supreme Court races as well as a pickup in the Illinois Senate and four pickups that build the supermajority in the Illinois House.

“Public safety was at the top of voters’ minds, and they’ve made clear that gun safety champions are the ones they trust to hold elected office in Illinois. G-PAC congratulates the gun safety candidates who were victorious in the general election, particularly newly elected Supreme Court Justices Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien as well as Senator-elect Rachel Ventura and Representatives-elect Diane Blair-Sherlock, Nabeela Syed, Mary Beth Canty and Laura Faver Dias. We are proud to have built and defended the supermajorities in the Illinois legislature and helped elect Supreme Court justices who have earned our support,” said Kathleen Sances, President, and CEO of the Gun Violence Prevention PAC. “Since we founded G-PAC in 2013, we have created an electoral and legislative infrastructure that has made Illinois a safer state, and today we are proud to build on that legacy with major victories all across the state. We are confident that these gun safety candidates will further strengthen Illinois’ laws to help end the public health crisis of gun violence — including passing a statewide ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines as soon as possible.”

“In recent years, leaders across Illinois have worked diligently to pass meaningful legislation and make the state a national leader in the fight to save lives and reduce high rates of gun violence. Voters across the state took another step forward in this effort by decisively reelecting Governor JB Pritzker, Lt. Gov Juliana Stratton, and Attorney General Kwame Raoul and solidifying Speaker Chris Welch’s and Senate Majority Leader Don Harmon’s gun safety supermajorities in the legislature,” said Sean Holihan, state legislative director at Giffords. “Governor Pritzker has worked with legislators, law enforcement, and community partners to comprehensively address gun violence across the state by closing loopholes in the law and investing in community violence intervention programs. Giffords looks forward to continuing to work with these courageous leaders to save lives by improving the state’s gun laws.”

Eighty eight endorsed candidates have won the general election with the support of G-PAC and Giffords PAC. The organizations were heavily involved in delivering victories in many contested races, including:

  • Judge Elizabeth Rochford (Illinois Supreme Court, 2nd District)
  • Justice Mary Kay O’Brien  (Illinois Supreme Court, 3rd District)
  • Sen. Laura Ellman (SD 21)
  • Sen. Suzy Glowiak-Hilton (SD 23)
  • Sen. Ann Gillespie (SD 27)
  • Sen. Laura Murphy (SD 28)
  • Rachel Ventura (SD 43)
  • Rep. Janet Yang Rohr (HD 41)
  • Rep. Terra Costa Howard (HD 42)
  • Diane Blair-Sherlock (HD 46)
  • Rep. Maura Hirschauer (HD 49)
  • Nabeela Syed (HD 51)
  • Mary Beth Canty (HD 54)
  • Rep. Mark Walker (HD 53)
  • Laura Faver Dias (HD 62)
  • Rep. Anne Stava-Murray (HD 81)

In addition, Maggie Trevor is leading in the 9th District Cook Co. Commissioner race, which would also be a pickup on the Cook County Board.

In order to earn the endorsement of G-PAC and Giffords PAC, each candidate voiced their support of the organizations’ top legislative priority: banning assault weapons and large-capacity magazines in Illinois. Looking toward veto and lame duck session before the 103rd General Assembly is sworn in this coming January, the gun violence prevention movement will be forcefully advocating to pass the measure into law.

G-PAC has already passed three landmark pieces of legislation in the past four years that make Illinois’ gun laws some of the strongest in the nation, including:

  • GHOST GUNS LAW (Public Act 102-0889): Criminals are using untraceable weapons to commit crimes without being caught, and law enforcement around the country has recovered an increasing number of ghost guns in recent years. G-PAC passed a law to make Illinois the first state in the Midwest – and only 12th in the nation – to make the transfer, purchase, manufacture, importation, and possession of ghost guns illegal.
  • BLOCK ILLEGAL GUN OWNERSHIP (BIO) LAW (Public Act 102-0237): Our FOID Card system was broken, so G-PAC passed a law that expands background checks to all gun sales, creates a stolen gun database, requires the Illinois State Police to remove guns from people with revoked FOID cards, invests in mental health funding, and more. This measure closes dangerous loopholes that supply the illegal guns fueling Illinois’ gun violence epidemic.
  • GUN DEALER LICENSING LAW (Public Act 100-1178): Unregulated gun dealers were operating in Illinois for far too long. Not anymore. G-PAC passed a law that requires all gun dealers to be certified by the Illinois State Police; mandates employee training, video surveillance, and inspection of all gun dealers; and requires state police to publish key information on crime-related firearms.


About Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC)

The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) is the state’s leading gun violence advocacy organization. It was founded in 2013 to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.

About Giffords PAC

Giffords is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives from gun violence. Founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Giffords PAC inspires the courage of people from all walks of life to make America safer.

MEDIA CONTACT: ahanns@kivvit.com

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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.