G-PAC Announces Endorsements for March Primary Elections

Voters to help combat gun violence across the state of Illinois with the support of G-PAC 

CHICAGO (March 2, 2016) More than 40 candidates have received the official endorsement by the Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) this week. Created by gun safety advocates and shooting victims outraged by the questionable influence of the gun lobby in Springfield, G-PAC is the only organization in Illinois working to elect and protect candidates that support reducing gun violence.

Communities and families have already started heading to the polls for early voting leading up to the Primary Election on March 15. About 47 state and county candidates have received the official endorsement by G-PAC.

Despite the fact that the majority of Illinois voters support gun safety legislation, this position is not often reflected in the voting records of the public officials representing them. G-PAC will continue to fight in this election to ensure the passage of a commonsense gun safety agenda that will combat gun violence throughout the state.

“We urge Illinois voters to make their voices heard this year by sending a strong message to elected officials at the ballot box,” said Kathleen Sances, executive director of G-PAC. “All too often, those we have elected to look out for our communities have been looking the other way – putting politics above public safety.”

Endorsements were determined by candidates’ responses to G-PAC’s 2016 Candidate survey with questions regarding their positions on critical gun safety legislation, which included: 

  • Ending the easy access criminals have to guns;
  • Expanding background checks; and
  • Preventing suspected terrorists from obtaining guns 

G-PAC will soon begin to focus resources and political support on select state races where the gun safety issue is critical. A Voter Guide can be found at www.gpacillinois.com.

G-PAC’s 2016 Primary Election Endorsements include: 

Omar Aquino, 2*
Angelica Alfaro, 2*
Patricia Van Pelt, 5
Cristina Castro, 22
Corrine M. Pierog, 25
Laura Murphy, 28
Julie A. Morrison, 29
Christine Benson, 38

Theresa Mah, 2*
Alexander “Alex” Acevedo, 2*
Cynthia Soto, 4
Juliana Stratton, 5
Sonya Marie Harper, 6
Emanuel “Chris” Welch, 7
Arthur Turner, 9
Ann M. Williams, 11
Sara Feigenholtz, 12
Kelly M. Cassidy, 14
John C. D’Amico, 15
Lou Lang, 16
Laura Fine, 17
Robyn Gabel, 18
Merry Marwig, 20
Michael J. Madigan, 22
Barbara Flynn Currie, 25
Christian L. Mitchell, 26
Monique D. Davis, 27
Thaddeus Jones, 29
Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 34
Will Guzzardi, 39
Jaime M. Andrade, Jr., 40
Anna Moeller, 43
Cynthia Borbas, 45
Deb Conroy, 46
Martin J. Moylan, 55
Michelle Mussman, 56
Elaine Nekritz, 57
Scott Drury, 58
Angelique Bodine, 69
Kathleen Willis, 77
Stephanie A. Kigowit, 84
Bobby Pritchett, 94
Natalie A. Manley, 98
Carol Ammons, 103
Kim Foxx

Susana Mendoza

*Please note that more than one candidate may be endorsed in open races. *

About G-PAC:

G-PAC was founded to counter the political influence of the gun lobby in Springfield. Using highly targeted direct mail and TV designed to elect public officials with the courage to stand up to the gun lobby in Springfield, G-PAC has begun building a coalition of legislators committed to ending the epidemic of gun violence.  With a winning record in the 2014 primary and general elections, the organization will fight to ensure passage of a common sense gun safety agenda. A complete list of Gun Safety Champions can be found at www.gpacillinois.com.


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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.