G-PAC Announces Endorsements of Chicago Aldermanic Candidates

Calls Upon Voters to Take a Stand Against Gun Violence on Election Day

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February 11, 2015

CHICAGO-The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) announced the organization’s endorsement of candidates for the February election today, adding that key races will soon be targeted for funding and political support in critical districts where a voice for reasonable gun safety legislation is needed.

Launched by gun safety advocates and shooting victims outraged by the questionable influence of the gun lobby, G-PAC is the only organization in Illinois working to elect and protect candidates that support common sense gun safety – and to defeat those that don’t.

“Children, families and communities across our state have paid a tragically high price for our state’s failure to pass reasonable gun safety measures for far too long. G-PAC seeks to save lives by supporting the election of leaders who are committed to passing reasonable gun safety measures and working with us to combat the influence of the gun lobby,” said G-PAC Executive Director Kathleen Sances.

G-PAC felt it was important to weigh in on the Chicago municipal elections. A disproportionate amount of gun violence and homicides occur in high crime communities throughout the city, primarily as a result of the flow of illegal guns from counties/states with weaker gun laws. Day after day, senseless tragedies steal away the lives of children who are caught in the crossfire, tearing these neighborhoods apart.

“Despite the fact that the majority of Illinois voters support common sense gun safety legislation, this lifesaving position is not often reflected in the voting records of the public officials representing them. All too often, those we have elected to look out for our communities have been looking the other way – putting politics above public safety, said G-PAC Founder Tom VandenBerk.

“We urge voters to make their voices heard loud and clear this February by sending a strong message to the gun industry, their lobbyists, and the elected officials who do their bidding: Enough is enough,” he added. “Lives depend on it.”

Endorsements were determined by candidates’ responses to G-PAC’s 2015 Election Campaign Questionnaire with 13 questions regarding their positions on critical gun safety legislation, including, but not limited to:

  • Establishing reasonable licensing measures to crack down on gun dealers that supply illegal traffickers with crime guns;
  • Increasing penalties for the “lost and stolen” law to discourage illegal gun trafficking;
  • Reporting gun transactions at the point of sale enabling authorities to trace the source of guns at crime scenes quickly, reducing gun crimes; and
  • Agreeing to join fellow elected officials in calling for suburban gun dealers to follow the city’s example and place stronger public safety protections to prevent illegal gun trafficking, such as: employee background checks and training, anti-theft safety plans, investigation logs, inventory audits, video cameras and prohibition of revoked license transfers.

Ultimately, all of the candidates that were endorsed by G-PAC had responded “yes” to 100% of the questions.

G-PAC’s 2015 Endorsements include: (Please note that in open contests, more than one candidate may be endorsed.)

Chicago City Council:

Ward 1:             Joe Moreno

Ward 2:             Alyx Pattison, Brian Hopkins, Cornell Wilson

Ward 3:             No Endorsement

Ward 4:             William Burns

Ward 5:             Leslie Hairston

Ward 6:             No Endorsement

Ward 7:             Natasha Holmes

Ward 8:             Michelle Harris

Ward 9:             Anthony Beale

Ward 10:           John Pope

Ward 11:            No Endorsement

Ward 12:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 13:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 14:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 15:            Rafael Yanez

Ward 16:            No Endorsement

Ward 17:            Glenda Franklin

Ward 18:            No Endorsement

Ward 19:            No Endorsement

Ward 20:            Willie B. Cochran

Ward 21:            Howard Brookins

Ward 22:            Ricardo Munoz

Ward 23:            Michael Zalewski

Ward 24:            Frank Bass, LaDarius Curtis, Michael Scott, Jr.

Ward 25:            Jorge Mujica, Byron Sigcho

Ward 26:            Roberto Maldonado

Ward 27:            Walter Burnett

Ward 28:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 29:            Deborah Graham

Ward 30:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 31:            Sean Starr

Ward 32:            Scott Waguespack

Ward 33:            Deb Mell

Ward 34:            Carrie M. Austin

Ward 35:            Rey Colon

Ward 36:            Omar Aquino, Gilbert Villegas

Ward 37:            Emma Mitts

Ward 38:            Heather Sattler

Ward 39:            Joe Laiacona

Ward 40:            Patrick O’Connor

Ward 41:            No Endorsement

Ward 42:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 43:            Michele Smith

Ward 44:            Tom Tunney

Ward 45:            No Endorsement

Ward 46:            James Cappelman

Ward 47:            Ameya Pawar

Ward 48:            Unopposed/No Endorsement

Ward 49:            Joe Moore

Ward 50:            Debra Silverstein


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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.