Illegal Guns and Chicago Crime Numbers

Mitchell: Time to make some noise about Chicago crime

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The homicide figures for January were staggering: 51 murders and 292 gunshot victims.

“It is totally unacceptable the violence that we saw, but we do know that the majority of the violence that we saw was gang related or had a gang component to it,” interim Chicago Police Supt. John Escalante said Monday during a news conference at police headquarters.

”Often it was retaliatory violence and unfortunately quite a few of our murders were domestic related,” he said.

Most of the victims were young people of color.

… I believe the majority of police officers want to get the illegal guns out of the hands of criminals just as much as residents do.

After all, these officers are on the front lines of the mayhem.

“There are some historic conflicts, but … [gangs] taunt each other before shootings, they taunt each other after shootings. We know that fuels a lot of the violence, and when we conduct investigations of some of the murders it just comes down to personal disputes for petty reasons. For whatever reasons they just feel they answer with a gun,” he said.

With all due respect to the ACLU, my civil rights aren’t going to matter if I’m stretched out in a pool of blood because a misguided youth is free to walk the streets toting an illegal gun.

Finally, our civic leaders are entirely too silent about the alarming number of homicides that have happened since 2016 began.

Make some noise.

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to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.