June 20 is National GVP Day of Action

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, and today is a national day of action.

During Gun Violence Awareness Month and since the General Assembly recessed, 26 people have been shot and killed and 177 people have been shot and wounded. Are you aware of these numbers?

In May, the Illinois House passed SB 1966, the Fix the FOID Act. SB 1966 is a common sense bill that would strengthen the gun purchasing system in Illinois by ensuring background checks are completed for all gun transfers including those by unlicensed sellers. Deaths from gun homicides and suicides decline only when background checks are part of the purchaser licensing system.

SB 1966 would implement comprehensive background checks and close loopholes in our gun purchase licensing system (FOID) that allow people with violent criminal histories to evade the law and arm themselves. This bill is pending in the Senate.

On this National Day of Action, please take action to protect the children, families and communities in Illinois from gun violence. Call and ask your State Senator to become a sponsor of SB 1966.

Call Now

We are aware of the gun violence tearing our families and communities apart. We are aware it is the job of our elected officials to keep us safe from gun violence. We can’t wait. Urge your State Senator to sponsor this bill today.

Hoping for peace,

Kathleen Sances
President and CEO, G-PAC

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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.