This Black History Month, We Honor Dr. Brian Williams

During Black history month, we are proud to honor our board member and gun violence prevention leader Dr. Brian Williams. Dr. Williams is a Co-Director of the Intensive Care Unit at University of Chicago and, because of his work on the front lines saving lives in Illinois, won this year’s G-PAC Profile in Courage Award.

Every day, Dr. Williams sees the impact of gun violence and works to save its victims, inspiring his advocacy for solutions to Illinois’ gun violence epidemic. As an advocate, Dr. Williams has penned editorials, participated in countless interviews, and educated the public about the BIO (Block Illegal Gun Ownership) Bill to Fix the FOID, which will curb the flow of illegal guns used to injure the patients that he sees every day. His commitment to championing the BIO Bill in the medical community and in Springfield honors those lost with real action. Thank you, Dr. Williams, for your commitment to protecting children, families, and communities from the toll of gun violence.

Click Here to Stand With Dr. Brian Williams by Asking Springfield To Pass HB 3245 the BIO Bill to Fix the FOID

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