On the 2nd Anniversary of the Aurora Shooting, We Reintroduced the BIO Bill

Today, we joined Illinois public safety advocates, gun violence survivors, State Senator Ram Villivalam, and State Representative Kathleen Willis to honor the second anniversary of the Henry Pratt Company workplace shooting in Aurora. We memorialized those lost – Clayton Parks, Trevor Whener, Russ Beyer, Vicenete Juarez, and Josh Pinkard – and those injured in this horrible act of gun violence.

In their memories we pledged to reintroduce and pass the BIO (Block Illegal Gun Ownership) Bill to Fix the FOID, a bill that can save lives by closing the loopholes that allowed the Aurora shooter to obtain and keep his illegal gun.

In April 2019, we introduced the BIO Bill to close the glaring loopholes in Illinois gun laws that allowed the shooters at Mercy Hospital and Henry Pratt Company  to obtain and keep their illegal guns.The bill quickly passed the Illinois House but stalled in the State Senate, despite the almost 23,000 emails and 10,000 calls constituent advocates, like you, made to your legislators.

Here’s the bottom line: we are not giving up! We are more committed than ever to honoring gun violence survivors by making sure legislators hear our voices loud and clear until they prioritize our public safety instead of their politics – and pass the BIO Bill.

The BIO Bill, is based on research conducted by Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Policies to Reduce Gun Violence in Illinois that provides evidence-based recommendations to reduce gun violence by:

  • Closing the person-to-person background check loophole;
  • Requiring a fingerprint for FOID (Firearm Owner ID) cards;
  • Requiring action by Illinois State Police to remove guns once a FOID CARD is revoked; and
  • Funding the communities most impacted by gun violence through investing concealed carry fees in mental health services.

Please join us in sending a clear message to Springfield that it’s time for legislators in both parties to put aside petty politics and act to save lives by passing the BIO Bill.

Click here to ask your elected officials in Springfield to co-sponsor the BIO Bill


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The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) was founded by gun violence survivors
to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.