Time to Vote For Gun Safety

We witnessed another tragedy Saturday when 11 worshippers were gunned down as they bowed their heads in prayer in one of the deadliest attacks on the Jewish community in U.S. history. Four law enforcement officers were among those wounded.

We continue to witness daily tragedy here at home. At least 26 people were shot over 18 hours on Sunday, the second most violent day of the year in Chicago. By the time the weekend was over, 42 people were shot.

The time for policy change is now. If your elected officials say it’s time for “thoughts and prayers,” I have news for you, it’s time to hand them a pink slip. You have that power. Don’t miss this chance to elect lawmakers who will protect our children and families from gun violence.

Early voting is now open across the state. CLICK HERE to find your early voting location. If you are not yet registered to vote, you can register in person at any of the early voting sites. Before heading out to vote, be sure to view the Illinois Gun Safety Voter Guide.

We have been focused on state legislators who will vote to pass our priority policy to hold corrupt gun dealers accountable. There are two races that are critical to our mission to reduce gun violence across the state.

Kwame Raoul for Attorney General: 

During the final debate of the campaign for attorney general last night, Raoul’s opponent opposed a ban on assault weapons and expressed her satisfaction with existing gun laws. Her remarks came two days after the Tree of Life massacre, committed by a domestic terrorist who was armed with an AR-15. It should be noted AR-15’s were the guns of choice in the massacres in Aurora, Orlando, Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Umpqua Community College, Texas Church, San Bernadino and Parkland, Florida.

“It is outrageous that Erika Harold has no problem with assault weapons, especially just two days after an anti-Semitic massacre in Pittsburgh in which an individual with a history of hateful and threatening rhetoric was able to obtain firearms designed to kill large numbers of people as quickly as possible,” Raoul said. “When existing laws are not enough to keep our communities safe, the people of Illinois deserve an attorney general who will advocate for them.”

JB Pritzker for Governor:

We were proud to stand with Giffords last week and announce our endorsement of JB Pritzker. JB will tackle the gun violence problem for what it is – a public health crisis. He has a comprehensive plan to reduce gun violence and restore services to impacted communities.

“Senseless gun violence is devastating our communities each and every day, but instead of taking immediate action to protect our children and our families, Bruce Rauner has chosen to stand with special interests,” said JB Pritzker. “The Gun Dealer Licensing Act is a commonsense, bipartisan bill and Bruce Rauner’s reckless veto will leave Illinois’ families without critical gun safety legislation to keep them safe. Illinoisans need a governor who will stand with communities across this state torn apart by gun violence, not pander to the gun lobby. It is unacceptable to play politics with the lives of our families and we must address this public health epidemic immediately. As governor, I will side with the children, parents, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement officials across Illinois who support keeping our communities safe. I will sign this bill.”

Please cast your votes for Kwame Raoul and JB Pritzker, along with the local endorsed Gun Safety candidates in our Voter Guide. Pass on the information to your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues to ensure that they do the same.

Do you have kids? Take them with you to vote. I did.

Kathleen at G-PAC Illinois

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