URGENT! Call to Action

G-Pac Friends-

An important gun safety bill moved out of the Illinois House last week and will move to the Senate this week.  HB 4290 would increase the penalty on any Concealed Carry instructors who falsify any applications.  Read  the bill here.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Michael Connelly.   Please call or email your Senator and urge them to support this important piece of legislation.

Paste this into your email:

Please support Senator Michael Connelly’s bill (HB 4290) increasing the penalty on Conceal Carry instructors who falsify any applications. I support gun safety measures that will save lives and end the senseless violence that occurs every day in Illinois. Thank you.

Click here to find your legislator. If you have extra time,  you can call or email the Legislative leaders to ask them to support Senator Connelly as well. Their contact info is on the same page.

Please  share your action on the G-Pac face book page and twitter!

Let us know you helped  here – we will send you a big THANK YOU!

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